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Do you want to compare and choose the best electricity and/or gas prices for your business?

The Energy Company for domestic electricity and gas.

Energy prices are rising at up to 8 times the rate of earnings – Finding the best deal has never been more important!

You may have have read in the press or seen on television news, controversies over energy prices. Now with trouble spots like Iraq and Ukraine likely to interrupt supply putting upwards pressure on prices.

No less than government ministers encouraging us all to keep prices down by making competition between suppliers work for us by voting with our feet to find the best deal.

Armed with nothing more than a recent bill you can quickly check to see how your bills compare accurately. If you haven’t got a bill to hand, you can estimate and still get an idea.

There are the famous ‘big 6’ suppliers but there are plenty of independent suppliers with names that you might not be familiar with such as Zog, or The Woodlands Trust.

You can set your criteria, fixed or not, green only or not, and so on.

TIP!   If your are looking for electricity and gas it is tempting to go immediately for a combined contract (dual fuel). Many providers don’t do both so it is worth running 3 comparisons electricity, gas, then dual fuel. That way you can be sure no stone left unturned, and get to see some unusual propositions such as a boiler that generates electricity!!

These OFGEM publications explains all about switching suppliers, tenant rights, energy saving grants and a host of other useful information.

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