E.ON UK, part of German based E.ON, are the third largest energy supplier and second largest electricity generator in the UK. Previously Powergen, E.ON UK supplies energy to approximately 8 million customers and is heavily focused on producing more of its energy through wind farms. E.ON’s main supply regions include North West, East Midlands and East Anglia.

Eon Blank Contract


  •  150730

    • Please find attached the latest price files to accompany the Price Alignment that will take effect on Thursday 06th August 2015.

    • The changes are as follows:

       TenureAverage Price Change

      BEP1 YearNo Change

      2 YearNo Change

      3 Year0.6% Decrease

      BGP 1 Year1.5% Increase

      2 Year1.3% Decrease

      3 Year1.8% Decrease

      MD1 Year0.3% Increase


      Bespoke1 YearNo Change

      2 YearNo Change

      Cut off for contracts on the previous matrix will be Wednesday 8th July 2015 @ 3pm

      Please note that the above movements are based on average consumption and there may be some regional variation.

  • 150730 

    Important update

    We will now only accept the below Maximum Demand (MD) contracts:-

    Acquisition – 1 year only within 120 day window with a maximum uplift of 0.2 ppu

    Renewal – No contracts with a contract start date greater than 5th November 2015

    Please ensure any Maximum demand acquisition contracts with uplift greater than 0.2ppu are received by 2pm on the 31st July 2015.

    • Update 

      • A new Ofgem regulation (known as P322) requires MD meters to use half-hourly consumption data by 1st April 2017.

      • This change could cause significant disruption to the customer if it happened in the middle of a contract. Therefore, SME has decided to stop selling 2 year MD contracts until further notice to ensure we can meet the regulatory requirement and ensure the best possible customer journey.

      • This change will come into effect on Wednesday the 8th July 2015 and after this date we will no longer be able to accept contracts on MD 2 years.

    • Important

      • Please ensure all contracts on MD 2 year are submitted by COP 7th July 2015 as if received after this point they will be rejected.

  •  150515

    • Please find attached a brief regarding an improvement to the initial offer that goes out to your customer at point of renewal – This has now been implemented from today.

    • If a customer joins us on a 2 or 3 year fixed term, the following renewal offer will be sent as either a 2, or 3 year offer. This will help you pitch a relevant offer that you can use the uplift ladder respectively against.

    • I’m sure you will agree this is another positive change and a further message of how much we value our TPI – Supplier relationships

  •  150508

    • Please find attached revised prices and a TPI brief which is where you’ll find details for the following:

      • 180 day Acquisition Window for all products : Effective – Monday 11th May 2015

      • Price decrease (See attachment) Private & Confidential : Price Alignment – Monday 11th May 2015

      • No Standing Charge Bespoke Gas product : Effective – Monday 11th May 201

      • And Coming soon…… Improved and revised Uplifts. More info to follow in the coming fortnight.

      • Thank you for your continued feedback. As you can see from these changes that are being implemented, it is truly valued and we will act upon what you tell us.*        All of the above changes, including our new prices, will go live on  11th May 2015.

      •  Cut off for the old prices will be 2pm Friday 8th May 2015.

  • 150410

    • Please find attached the briefing that includes all changes in relation to the Micro Business Renewals Reform which take effect from the 18th April 2015.

    • The information contained within is very important so please can you ensure that this is read and cascaded accordingly.There are also several attachments which include verification scripts and contract pads that must be used on all contracts from the 18th April 2015.Attachments

      • Verification scripts for Acquisition & Renewal

      • Electronic contract pads in excel and PDF

      • Terms & Conditions in PDF format

      • Example initial renewal offer letter (To Follow Monday 13th April 2015)

      • Process map of new journey/storyboard (To Follow Monday 13th April 2015)

      • AMR FAQ’s

      • Important note

        • There is No cut over period on this occasion as this is a mandatory regulatory change unlike when we ended auto rollovers. Any contracts submitted after 18 April must use the new documentation provided with this briefing.  Any contracts sold on the 17th April will not be accepted after 2pm.  Therefore, please cease selling eon contracts on this date prior to this time.

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