Since our inception in 1995, Corona Energy has stayed true to a strong set of values that has brought us long-term success. We believe that it’s crucial to challenge the status quo, and to always be inspired to find new ways to make things better.

This spirit of innovation has driven our team from the very beginning. Today, it’s the bedrock of our positive and inspired team culture.


As you are all aware last Friday we released our Gas and Power price books as part of Corona’s broker development plan for 2015.

We received positive feedback about both books and also some requests for changes which we have taken on board am rolling out for today’s release.

Feedback and Changes

A lot of people requested a Fully Fixed price book for gas which we have now built into the gas price book attached.  You now have the option to choose from a drop down which products prices you wish to see. We have also added a tab at the end of the gas price book that shows all the prices and areas for the companies that requested a flat file to load into your pricing systems.

We were asked to extend the start date period so have now made this 10months for the Gas book.  The Power book is currently still only 6months but will be updated shortly.

Another request was to make the front page of the contract clearer to show which product has been offered for the customer so we have no added in a section that allows you to tick which product has been offered i.e. Fixed or Fully Fixed.  Both contracts attached above.

Important Info

One thing that was drawn to our attention was that we never mentioned the earliest start date for us to take over the meter. See below for details:

Power - The minimum start date is 10days from the current day.  i.e. today’s date is 23rd so the minimum start date will be 2nd Feb.

Gas - The minimum start date is 20days from the current day.  i.e. today’s date is 23rd so the minimum start date will be 12th Feb.


To continue with our development as a company to serve our clients to our best ability we decided to build and release a set of price books for both our Gas and Power products.

Here is a brief description of how they work:

Gas This price book uses the mpr LDZ and Exit Zone to match which tariff rates to use. All the you need to is enter in the site postcode and the LDZ and Exit zone will show. This price book is for any meter with an AQ up to 400kWh.

Power All you need is the top line of the MPAN and the GSP Area code (first 2 numbers from the bottom line of the MPAN). You then click on the tab for that GSP area and then use the top line to match to the Profile Class, MTC and LLF to find the tariff rates. This price book is for any meter with an AQ up to 400kWh.

Contract Process There is a blank contract template (1 for Gas & 1 for Power) that you will need to fill out for the customer to sign. Each contract template is on excel so is easy to fill out. A DD form and our Term’s & Condition’s will need to be sent along with the completed contract to your customer for signing.

When sending the signed contract back we also require a signed DD form and the Term’s and Condition’s along with an confirmation email of the commission you have added to the BASE tariff rates. Once we have received, loaded and committed the contract we will email you confirmation and the countersigned contract for your records.

Our price books are currently planned in to be updated every 2 weeks but we may have to pull them sooner under certain circumstances.

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