Founded in 2001 Axis is a truly independent telecoms & energy supplier able to bring the highest quality and competitively priced services to businesses across the UK. Whether you’re a one man band or a team we can provide you with the best utility deals available.  We can do this because we are:

  • Independent

  • Provide a quality service.

  • Deliver value for money – we’re always on the look out for the best deals out there.

  • We listen to what our customers say.’

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Axis blank elec contract – Oct 16


Axis blank gas contract – Oct 16

  • 150731

We have made some changes to our Gas & Electricity contact which you need to use as of today.  The changes include more credit check details and also information for HH pricing for MAX demand Meters post 5 November 2015

All new contracts for PC5-8 customers from 5 November 2015 will be taken on as Half Hourly so will incur Capacity Charges and will potentially incur Reactive power charges as shown on the PC5-8 and HH  tariff sheet.  

Please see below for some updates with Telecoms and Energy 


We do not offer number selection for line installations under any circumstance Just to remind you with ne

We accept all business types for land line

We now have  a great Sim only deal for business Unlimited Data, Unlimited Calls (01/02/03 + UK Mobiles  for £12pm Min credit score is 26 Delphi score 


Please can you use the new energy contracts and if it’s a for a sole trader we may need to do a personal credit check and we would need their home address for the last 3 years as well

For contracts that don’t meet our acceptance (26+ Delphi) we may take them on but would be subject to a deposit of 4 months usage + £790

Just to remind you we still don’t accept fast food take always and licenced premises, we only accept licenced premises if they own the property and provide proof of ownership

  • 150608

    • Credit Checking Introduced 

      • From the 1st of July we are introducing credit checking we are going to use Experian to do this and this will mean the end of the advance charge.We are looking for a Delphi score of 26 and above,

      • if a business achieves this then we will not require any deposit / advance charge.

      • If a business scores 25 or under  then we carry out more checks into the business and we may require a deposit from that business.

      • We may accept larger AQ/EAC from multi-sites depending on their credit score

      • With the introduction of credit checking we will have new contracts and batch headers and this will sent out towards the end of June.

  •  150521

    • Please find attached our latest pricing for the month of June

    • You can still use the current pricing until the end of the month or use the new pricing

  •  150518

    • Attached is  new telecoms offers from Axis….

    • 1 Years free Broadband on a 2 year deal

    • Also if a customer has energy with us then they can get 2 years free broadband

    • Also fibre Starts at £10 pm

    • All you need do is get permission for Axis to call them and they handle everything if you want them to otherwise .  You would then receive your normal split

    • Here is the commission for telecoms lead generation

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