Who Are The Energy Company?

First started in the days before de-regulation in the mid-1990’s, John Davies and Colin Pritchard (The founders of The Energy Company UK Ltd)  initially specialised in analysis of tariffs, identifying those were not compatible with the current businesses and changing them where necessary.

Around 1997, large businesses were the first to benefit from de-regulation (classified as half-hourly supplies).  John & Colin entered into agreements with Eastern Energy to service this market, later moving onto Gas via an agreement with Scottish Power.

As the market opened up to all businesses, new entrants into the de-regulated energy industry introduced price competition.   There were certainly benefits, but often, the aspirations of the new suppliers did not live up to expectations, with many examples of miss billing, and in many cases, no billing.  On top of that, lack of understanding by suppliers over the varied tariffs offered by the 16 different areas of the UK, meant that serious billing issues arose.

Having an understanding of tariffs from the early days, we were well equipped to assist many businesses with their bills, achieving many rebates for customers. During the late 1990’s and early 2000’s we slowly but surely built up a substantial customer base.  We are pleased to say that many of those customers remain customers today.

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